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EverQuest's currency is called "eq plat" normally, for example from IGXE site: 7.83$/10 K Fippy Darkpaw EQ Plat is equivalent to 10,000plat today. And as we know the most valuable currency is EQ Platinum and also it's not so easy to get grinding in the game.1PP(plat)=100gp(gold pieces)and1gp=100sp(silver pieces),finally 1pp=10,000 silver pieces. But most of the time they just can get silver pieces or gold pieces in the game. Now there is many players who is playing server Vox, Vulak`Aerr, Zek, Fippy Darkpaw, Trakanon, Antonius Bayle ect. Some of EQ player asked that why they are going go play that server, that's depends what's style and environment do they want on. Unlike the most others MMORG games, EQ doesn't accept auction house trade. But players can set up their own shop at the bazaar and then plays as a "trader", and also EQ IGXE player could meet you at a certain place to trade for you.
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  • IGXE offers a 100% Refund Guarantee. We completely understand the challenges of buying online and we never consider a transaction complete until we hear our customer is completely satisfied. That is why we offer a 100% Refund Guarantee! If we are currently out of stock on your server and you need your gold immediately. We will credit you with a full refund of the purchase price immediately with NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If you have a split order that has been only partly delivered, you can ask for a partial refund on the remaining batches immediately. Be delighted or get your full money back!
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