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  • EVE Online is developed by the Icelandic company CCP, background is the whole universe, it highly integrated science fiction elements, Give the players a totally different world. Players can drive all kinds of ships lines in more than five thousand galaxies in the shuttle. Players can be engaged in lots of activities like mining, manufacturing, trade and combat. EVE Online has gain lots of World Class Awards including GDC Game Awards, On the ranking of famous site MMORPG.com it beat many well-knowed online games and became the the world's best games in 2011. It announced that the latest version "EVE: The Avengers" will meet with the players in the second quarter of 2013. One of the greatest featue of this game is its highly interactive and real market system. Different from most other games, all the players of EVE Online is the participants of its economic system. From raw material acquisition, refining and processing, R & D, manufacturing and other sectors, players will through all of the steps, so It makes commercial trade in such activities in the game become really possible. Eve Online is one of the best MMORPG in the world. CCP have created a piece of entertainment that truly exhibits what we are all here to talk about, The free transfer of EVE-ISK to EVE-PLEX make people have really freedom to the free experience of EVE Online.
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Get Unlimited Eve Plex for Free!! Be Quick!! End Soon!!


EVE PLEX is short for 30 Day Concord Pilot License Extension. It's an in-game item that can be used to pay for your subscription without using more traditional payment methods. By using PLEX, you can pay for your game time simply by playing the game. It is good news that you catch the rarely EVE Plex Sale. During the promotion, you can buy 10 Eve Plex, get 1 for free;20 for 2; 30 for 4;50 for 10 and so on. The more you buy, the more you can get for free.


Buy Eve Plex now and make in-game profit for yourself by buying and selling it on the market.




Valid Time: 12 June 2012 00:00:00  – 18 June 2012 00:00:00 PST




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Please Note: 
1.        The following promotional features will be disabled during the sale.
1)      coupon, discount, and voucher codes
2)      4% add to favorite discount
3)      Bonus dollar. However, you can still get the bonus dollar from your order placed during the sale.
4)      Gift Card payment option.  
2.        The price will fluctuate according to the market demand. Igxe will ensure you a lowest price during the sale. Any enquiries regarding the sale event please feel free to conatct our customer support.
3.        Hope you enjoy your favorite game with igxe. 

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The powerleveling was so perfect! I was a bit doubt at first about whether or not I should let someone powerlevel me, but I would definitely trust igxe to do it again. And i do the right thing.

From   3/23/12

I have recently bought an overall amount of 15,000,000,000.00 Eve Online ISK (Orders #140xxxx ; #140xxxx). I think that you did well and fast for sending such a big amount to me in 2 days. I especially want to thank Rosa who helped me complete my orders, I will consequently promote IGXE to other people and continue buying my gold there. Thank you for your excellent service....
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From Alex   9/19/10

I purchased some isk a few minutes ago. Shine helped me through the purchasing process and arranged for me to receive it promptly. From start to finish the whole process took 30 minutes. Item is in my wallet! Thanks for the great customer service Shine!

From Charlie   5/4/10

I used your service for the first time in quite a while today & was chatting to Ellen to check my order had been received (as I didn't receive the confirmation email). Ellen was patient and very quick to assist me, despite my phone coverage being low and having to call a few times. I've had experiences with a few other gaming supply companies and their service can often be pretty avera...
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From Brenden   10/9/09

David was really helpfull. I just hope I can get the isks today, so I can keep thinking you guys are the best.

From Felipe   8/1/09

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