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ESO Update Section 1 : Patch Note Include Crashes,Combat Issues

ESO Update Section 1 : Patch Note Include Crashes,Combat Issues

Posted time: Apr 10,2019

Elder Scrolls Online update patch description, what does it do? According to the patch description, this update fixes many game issues, including dungeon bosses, combat errors, crashes and more.You can visit our IGXE site to learn more strategy. if you have no time to play more. You can buy cheap ESO gold ,eso items to strengthen your game equeipment to help you level up fast.

eso-update patch-notes-april-9-fixes-xbox-ps4-pc-dungeon-bosses-crashes

Elder Scrolls online update version 1.46 patch instructions for PS4, Xbox One and PC
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.46 includes some fixes and adjustments for various dungeon bosses, some battle-related fixes, some crash fixes, and more. There is a complete patch description here. The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Unlimited is now available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The maintenance period was originally scheduled to end at 12 pm on April 9. But check the ESO server status page, the downtime has been extended to 3 pm. Xbox, game consoles, PC and Mac new content and updates. Study patch instructions, new updates for all users on Xbox One, PS4 and PC/Mac. Download sizes range from 166.5 MB to 14.8 GB, depending on the platform. Update the version number and size as follows:

PS4 (v1.46) - 918 MB
Xbox One ( - 14.8 GB
PC / Mac (v 4.3.10) - 166.5 MB

Clockwork City DLC Repair and Improvement
Asylum Sanctorium trial (Xbox One and PS4)
Saint Llothis's "pressure bolt" ability will hit the correct number of enemies again
The damage of Saint Llothis'Defiling Blast will now match the telegram of the ability more accurately.
Dragon Bones DLC repair and improvement
Fang Lair Dungeon (Xbox One and PS4)

The trap effect of the degenerative acid capacity applied by the giant scarab in the encounter with Thurvokun was removed.
Imperial City DLC Repair and Improvement, Regional Guide (Xbox One and PS4)
Hist DLC fixes and improved shadows, shadow dungeon cradle (Xbox One, PS4, PC / MAC)
Added a new telegram to Velidreth's Shadow Spine ability to help visualize the time of damage.
Summerset fixes and improvements, Cloudrest trials (Xbox One and PS4)
Wolfhunter repairs and improvements, sacrifices March - Big Dud Dungerund (Xbox One and PS4)

The monsters that evaluate which player is currently in the tank are now updated more frequently.
In the defeat, the shadows of Siroria, the shadows of Siladeda, the shadows of Relequen and the shadows of Belanaril are all worth a try.
The shadows of Galenwe and the shadow of Falarielle now reward the right amount of gold.
The shadow of Z'Maja will not immediately cast the benefit of Nocturnal after the Baneful Mark is cast.
Cloudrest trial (PC / Mac)

In veterans mode, Bearfang Hunters can now reduce overall damage. Bearfang Hunter's skill Creeping Chill is no longer suitable for treatment debuff in the veterans mode. Frigid Defile. Dagrund's Decimate ability can now be evaded and impacted in veterans mode. The damage is less. Dagrund's shock impact ability now deals less damage over the entire duration, and the damage does not increase every time you hit. However, the initial damage has increased. Dagrund's shock impact ability no longer causes regional damage to each player. Reduced the damage of Dagrund's drastic ability in the veterans mode. Various damage effects over time, including Sear, Biting Cold, and Deadly Current, are now caused throughout the duration. Less damage, and no more damage per hit. However, the initial damage has increased the damage caused by several of Dagrund's skills, including: cooling tower, cold wind, melting point, etc.




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