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Star Wars: the Old Republic An Onslaught expansion in September

Star Wars: the Old Republic An Onslaught expansion in September

Posted time: Apr 15,2019

The Dev team announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic, Onslaught will launch free for all subscribers, will get its first expansion in nearly three years this September! It's called Onslaught,it's free for all users, it will add a new story, two planets, a new flash point, a new operation and new abilities.


Onslaught's story "Places you at the center of the rekindled war between the Republic of the Galaxy and the Sith Empire." You can choose to be loyal to your faction or destroy their war effort.

You will visit Onderon, a planet of wild jungles and barbaric beasts, and the loyalty of the new king may play an important role in the war. You will also visit Mek-Sha, a gas station built in an asteroid - a "smuggler, pirate, mercenary, merchant and refugee nest". The end of the story will be the highlight of the new district of Corella, and new operations that can be played at any time will be broadcast on Dxun, one of Onxon's satellites.

The expansion also adds a new gear slot called tactical items. Although Bioware does not provide any specific examples, they are described as "build definition projects" that can change your abilities and game styles. This fee will also add a new universal project set that players can earn through PvP, PvE Galactic Command and production.

Finally, Onslaught introduced a new playable species, Nautolans, and raised the limit to 75. Each advanced class will gain new abilities on the way to the new hat. You can choose to cheap SWTOR Credits to enhanced your SWTOR armor, SWTOR weapons. in addition, if you don't have more time, you can also choose to SWTOR power leveling to help you level up fast, the story driven by BioWare and LucasArts Create your own STAR WARSTM legend in massively multiplayer online games.

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