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Final Fantasy XIV : Noctis Has Mysteriously Arrived in Eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV : Noctis Has Mysteriously Arrived in Eorzea

Posted time: Apr 19,2019

Square Enix started the Final Fantasy XIV theme event in Final Fantasy XIV. The collaboration, called "The Night of the Heroes," will last until May 27. Among them, Noctis mysteriously arrived at Regalia's Eorzea, giving players a chance to fight enemies with Final Fantasy XV and receive some XV theme rewards.


Here is a list of rewards as part of the "Heroes of the Night" collaboration.
-Regalia Mount - Noctis's car will debut as the first four-person rider in the game.
-Noctis' hairstyles and clothes - Dress up as a hero of Final Fantasy XV.
-Noctis Lucis Caelum Triple Triad Card - Use this card in Hydaelyn's Triple Triad competition.
-Orchestrion Rolls - Listen to some tracks from FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV players of level 50 or above can start collaborating with Kipih Jakkya of Ul'dah, where she is looking for the truth behind some of the crazy rumors that expose her latest articles. They met Noctis on the roadside and his iconic car broke down. Noctis had some experience in the final fantasy XIV colorful cats and strange lizard nationalities in his own game crossover. You begin to seek to take Noctis home and take away some villains who are associated with him. This is the task structure for the development of the standard event of Final Fantasy XIV.


Players can sit on fire with Noctis, just relax. Even with the eccentric quirky setting of world jumping and self-awareness, he managed to feel like a related person. He is far from home and may be anxious about things. The Final Fantasy XV battle revolves around Noctis's delivery capabilities. In this FFXIV mission, in the final battle with the goddess Garuda, he awarded this power to the player. This is a fun way to incorporate Final Fantasy XV's more unique mechanism into the boss's battle and provide a flashy ending for the storyline.

Through the quest line, the player is provided with a set of clothes similar to Noctis'. They are very fashionable. As time went on, more and more people completed the event and it was so funny to see the server filled with non-brand princes. Unfortunately, getting other rewards is a hassle. If you want to grab a Noctis hairstyle for your character, or want to carry a Regalia car mount with up to four players - you need to play the game on a gold disc to get Gold Saucer points, which are basically only used for Final Fantasy XIV. Casino area. If you are not a person who is playing scratch games every week and messing up the land ball game in your spare time, then you may not have enough points to buy anything immediately. If you are a paint like me, you can even buy ffxiv gil new armor to participate in the weekly fashion competition at igxe .

The crossover activity lasted until May 27th, which provided plenty of time to study funbucks to get rewards. But even if you don't drive a brand new car, this journey is worth the experience. It's like the player may be as close to the final send as Noctis, and the mission is fascinating and has an exciting boss battle that ends the story with a high profile - at least until he has a guest in another game.

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