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Which building is the best one in the early wow Garrison?

Which building is the best one in the early wow Garrison?

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Posted time: Jan 05,2015

In general, you should choose the most interesting Garrison buildings in WOW. But, in the early, most players will feel that Garrison resources are tight. Especially, level 3 garrison needed 2000 Garrison resources.

There are two garrison buildings, which can help you alleviate this problem. The garrison buildings are Lumber Mill and Barn.

Lumber Mill can transfer 10-point of Lumber into a 20-point garrison marterials or resources. It allows you to mark small trees in Draenor for harvest. Harvested Timber can be converted to work orders for garrison supplies. Moreover, it allows you to mark medium trees for additional Timber. After Level 3 Lumber Mill gain followers Evergreen Filak wood, it can gain 30-point materials with 10-point lumber. You also can buy building materials with WOW Gold.

Barn allows you to use 5 making materials (different each day) to exchange 30 garrison resources. But this Exchange is not cost-effective because the order may require that you make corresponding materials required for props, or these materials can get a better price at auction house. Sometimes it just need a garrison own ore and herbs, and even some quest rewards wow items. So it is better to gain garrison resources with cheap WOW Gold. Moreover, it allows you to capture elite beasts to harvest for savage blood, used in all epic crafted armor and weapons.

If wow items are tense in early period, you can try the Gladiator's Sanctum. The order of this building will be awarded wow item ilvl 600 and ilvl 620. In addition, War Mill and Goblin Workshop improve the quality of wow items gained from quest rewards.

In addition, you should set up Herb Garden and Frostwall Mines as soon as possible in WOW. These two buildings at level 1 do not spend materials and expense, but you can use them to get the daily extra income.

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