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    Star Wars: The Old Republic's new update 5.10.1, which is called The Wretched Hive, has been released on February 12 after a a regular 4 hour long maintenance (13-17 GMT).  A new lair boss on Ossus and the missing Masterwork weapons has been added with this update, which also means the end to Season 10.Are you ready? It is time to buy SWTOR Credits and experience the new update now!
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic News

In the thin atmosphere of Star Wars storytelling, several generations of writers and artists in the film rushed to put their artistic melody in the universe of George Lucas, and the ultimate goal was to create works that fans would remember and love for a long time. Few games have reached the height of this BioWare RPG storytelling, which allows you to feel the first time you sit down and watch a Star Wars movie, while allowing fans to have completely different unexpected performances on the Galaxy.
Great twist of the Knights of the Old Republic
The Great Turn of the Old Republic Knight - The player character is actually a powerful Lord Sith named Darth Revan, whose memory has been wiped out by the Jedi - from the very beginning it is crucial to SWTOR credits. With the iconic distortion of the Empire Strikes Back, BioWare needs something similar to capture the magic of Star Wars.

Why choose BioWare to join in?
LucasArts has been involved in many Star Wars games in the early 2000s and hopes to work with third-party developers to create a "swept global" Star Wars story. Some LucasArts developers are loyal fans of BioWare who created the isometric fantasy RPG Baldur's Gate. Simon Jeffrey, president of LucasArts, contacted Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk of BioWare at the time, and wanted to make Star Wars RPG in BioWare molds. The three of them are responsible for sketching out the core idea of the game.

Yes, the Knights of the Old Republic demanded austerity
Gallo learned in detail for a few hours: "In the final phase of the PC version, we are working hard for a few people. The voice-over director Darragh O'Farrell and the voice actor Jennifer Sloan will be key in the six months before the deadline. Work for 16 hours at any time.

Origins of the character
Some of the core characters in the game - Carter, Bastila, Zarbar and Mission - are based on the role that Oren created for the desktop Star Wars RPG run by his friends.

The sound of HK-47 was very severe at first. Actor Kristoffer Tabori didn't think he found the sound, but instead used more comedy tones than the script.

Raven’s identity has been integrated into the game from the start. Kane pointed out that having a character with no memory or history is usually a "formal narrative requirement", thus giving Raven a hidden history. He was forced to make Ford to make Leiwan a Jedi, a core part of the game fantasy, designed to The Star Wars Galaxy offers a very different experience.

Revan's armor design is relatively fast, inspired by the Mandalorian armor. The leather elements that are not common in Star Wars make it look old.

Knight of the missing planet of the old republic
Their fantasy RPG Jade Empire was released in 2005 and also used the Odyssey engine of the Old Republic Cavaliers. The Phoenix Gate, the capital of the Jade Empire, hosts a battle arena where martial arts performers in the game can rise in the ranks and follow some story clues.

BioWare's sequel idea
There is a real sequel and it's hard to follow up on great games and they really have an idea.To reverse KotOR, he and his team came up with an idea in which the player will be guided by a role in Yoda. The mentor will become a villain. As the shock comes, Ohlen says, "'Sacred nonsense - Yoda's evil?" This distortion is now locked into the large vault of the unused Star Wars idea.





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